ELETTRICI electric oven

Is an all metal oven, quickly installed. It is suitable for baking all types of bread whatever their sizes. The baking floors are made of a special mixture and are considerably thick. Even the outward apperance has been carefully streamlined, as are most excellent designs. The oven is heated by iron-plated resistors. 
Electric oven can be fitted with:

- night switch-on device
- consumption optimizer which, among other things, allows the reduction of installed power. 
Its functions may be extended to all machines and equipment in the bakery. 
The main features of the ELECTRIC oven are:
  • uniform baking
  • easy to use
  • temperature adjustment at the roof and floor of each chamber 
  • plentiful steam production at any time
  • excellent insulation
  • reduced an easy maintenance
  • the oven doors can be fitted with frames and easily disassambled balanced gates