LEOPARD cyclotermic oven

Leopard is an all-metal oven, quickly installed, which can be completely disassembled. It is suitable for baking all kinds of bread, wheter in large or small sizes. The baking floors are made of a special mixture and are considerably thick. 
The new design is very simple and streamlined, as are many excellent designs. The Leopard oven can be equipped with a mechanism for reducing the temperature of the top, or the top two chambers by 50-60°C compared to the chambers beneath.
The main features and basic avantages of the LEOPARD oven are:
  • uniform baking
  • minimized consumption
  • plentiful steam production even for several consecutive batches
  • reduced and easy maintenance (all maintenance is carried out on the front section)
  • it can be heated using gas or oil
  • timer
  • the oven doors can be fittedd with frames and easily disassembled balanced gates