SATURNO steam pipes oven brickwork

It tends to bake of every kind of bakery products from small rolls  to big loaf of bread. The ovens are delivered in demount state. The base princip of the activity is to heat up the baking area by the help of stove system, which is filled with water in amount of 2/3 and placed between fire-glay walls.The stove system is created that it turns and the botoom system is in a combustion area from where heats up for the needed temperature. From the heated  water comes smoke which circulates and gives it´s own heat to the baking room. Heating medium can be gas, propan-butan, oil or wood. In these ovens cook on special beton cook-range. Each is equipped with individual lighting and mashing.    
The main advantages: 
  • temperature equality in the baking rooom
  • simple service
  • productive mashing
  • overstandard heating nsteel of the ovens
  • possibility of visual audit of the baking process
  • elapsed clock
  • low energetic severity